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Are people talking about your brand on the web?

Unless you are a big brand, it’s pretty tough to get noticed on the Internet today. Sure, we always hear about content going “viral” but that is often like hitting the lottery. It involves a lot of luck and it’s pretty rare. There are literally millions of pieces of content being produced every single minute of the day. So how do you stand out? How can you get people talking about your brand?

It starts by creating unique, data driven content. Add in beautiful visuals to make that content more visually appealing, simple to understand, and easier to remember. Finally, you need to get the message out that your content exists! It doesn’t matter how great your content is if nobody sees it, right?

We like to talk about stories that matter…things that make an impact on those who see the content we create.

At 1POINT21, the majority of our work revolves around important social topics and consumer safety issues that impact society as a whole. We love doing good things with data and creating content and awareness on anything that can make a positive impact on our world!

Where does the name 1POINT21 Interactive come from?

If you’ve ever seen Back to the Future, you’ll probably remember this scene below from the first movie. If you never did…enjoy the clip below.

Get to know us and you’ll find we have a bit of the craziness and creativity of Doc Brown and some of the coolness and street smarts of Marty McFly, all rolled into one.  We know that can make for a dangerously awesome combination. We’d like to think we can be that bolt of energy for your company. Are you ready to take your content to the future?